David Beer on Peter Sloterdijk | berfrois

BubblesOver at berfrois, David Beer has written a favourable review of Peter Sloterdijk’s Bubbles, which I recently referenced myself in my post, “On Metaceramics and the Consciousness of Things.”

His assessment of the story that lies at the heart of Bubbles is, I think, bang-on: “This then is a book about the way we have used spheres, and the imagining of spheres, to organise life in the modern age. That is to generate or attempt to recover a sense of security through bubbles.”  A sociologist of media, Beer is particularly interested about Sloterdijk’s argument that contemporary culture, lacking the security of sturdy institutional and cosmological shells, now seeks to remedy its vulnerabilities by creating “a new immune constitution in an electronic medial skin” (Sloterdijk).  Bringing home the stakes of the book, Beer writes, “Sloterdijk doesn’t reveal much about the new types of bubbles encountered in the ‘electronic medial skin’, rather this book tells the story of our shellessness and the increasing necessity for these new media spheres to be enacted.”

Catch David Beer, as well, over at Thinking Culture.

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